What Are Standard Bathroom Vanity Sizes?

March 19, 2022
What Are Standard Bathroom Vanity Sizes

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Popular Bathroom Vanity Sizes

It becomes worthless if anyone does not establish a bathroom vanity; it beautifies the bathroom and provides all the essential features, and lets us suitably organize everything. It is available in every color, material, size and can be adjusted with every bathroom dimension. It can carry everything in it, even the towel to the medicines.

Bathroom Vanity Measurements

30 inch bathroom vanity designs usa

The measurements include the height, but it also has everything like width, dimensions, the difference of height from your ceiling. If the bathroom vanity is not matched with the size of the bathroom, then it will be useless for the customer. The inner storing space of the bathroom vanity is also involved in the measurements, don’t forget to note how much space this vanity cover in the bathroom and how many things you can store in it. 

  • 30 Inches Bathroom Vanity

30-inches bathroom vanity is the best and an excellent idea for the compact bathroom; it is not an old design. These vanities are available with a modern design and contain a single sink. The sink is made with solid material and includes a drawer also. It is compatible with the right places, but it can also be adjusted in the large size bathroom, and it looks beautiful. The buyer can store important stuff in it.

  • 36 Inches Bathroom Vanity

The 36 inches bathroom vanity is considered a moderate-size vanity. It can be settled in every size of the bathroom and can contain everything in it. The depth of this vanity is perfect, not too much small, and not significant. It gives a final look to the bathroom and makes it creative.

Suggestion: It could be better to install it for an adult bathroom, and for children, 30 to 32 inches bathroom vanity will be best, and it looks adorable in appearance also. The material will remain the same, and the vanities vary in inches.

  • 48 Inches Bathroom Vanity

48-inches bathroom vanity is also involved in the moderate bathroom vanity category and looks better in moderate-size bathrooms. It can comprise the single and the double bowl sink, and two persons can easily use it and feel relaxed. The drawers are ample, and the user can use them easily due to zero friction. It is humidity-free, and the water will not affect the durability of the bathroom vanity. 

Suggestion:  It will be good to buy a 48 inches bathroom vanity with a single sink because a double sink can reduce the counter space, and it will not look very organized compared to a single sink. The double sink vanity is better with 60 to 70 inches size. 

  • 60 Inches Bathroom Vanity

60-inches bathroom vanity is such magical vanity due to size. It will look prominent in a bathroom; it contains two sinks with a standard difference and wide drawers with side cabins, and some vanity consists of two cabins. The material is resistant to mildew, and the installation of vanity is also simple, so don't get confused by the size. It could be great for a family and increase the home's value.

Suggestion: It provides a vintage look to the bathroom, but it would be better to buy it if you have a large bathroom. Otherwise, 60 inches bathroom vanity looks weird in a small size bathroom.

  • 72 Inches Bathroom Vanity

72-inches is not less than a dreamy product, and it is eye-catching vanity due to its size. It contains cupboards, for storing the things and made with solid wood and it has vast space and a double sink. It attracts visitors and will be helpful in case of gatherings and guests.

Suggestion: It has many drawers, and don’t forget to think about the plumbing and keep in mind how narrow and wide your bathroom is. The floor space is valuable, and keeps in mind every point.

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