What Causes Low Water Pressure in Bathroom Faucet? and Solution

January 7, 2023
What Causes Low Water Pressure in Bathroom Faucet? and Solution

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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You might be aware of the low water pressure issues, but here I’m going to share my personal experience; one of my clients faced low water pressure right after removing the pressure tank. The fittings fell apart. It was observed that the pipe was severely clogged with the build-up of iron, manganese, and dust sediments. As here you can see in the figure which is given below. The purpose of sharing the experience is that many people face low water pressure issues and are unaware of the actual reason, and it is not less than pain in the spinal cord. The clogged build-up can be the reason for low water pressure.   

Cause and Solutions of Low Water Pressure

Cause and Solutions of Low Water Pressure 


Limescale Build up

Limescale is build up because of the presence of calcium and magnesium, and this limescale build-up makes hard water and causes low water pressure. The limescale or hard water forms when the rainwater passes through the rocks, for example, chalk and limestones, so it collects the magnesium and calcium. When the hard water evaporates, it leaves behind calcium and magnesium, which causes limescale build-up. This limescale build-up sticks to the pipes and water supply lines and lowers the water pressure.   

Solution #1: Use Water Softener 

Use Water Softner - Cause and Solutions of Low Water Pressure
The water softener prevents the limescale build-up from the pipes. Aquasure  Harmony water softener reduces the hardness and removes the scales from the water. This water softener is corrosion-resistant and can be controlled with the help of a digital meter. The hard water also harms the hair, skin and appliances. The digital display allows for controlling the flow rate, timing and other features. The water softener makes the water healthy for life by minimizing the skin-damaging compounds.   

Another Solution: Use Alternatives of Water Softners

Another Solution Use Alternatives of Water Softners
Some people are facing the issue of tight places, and they can't install a water softener, so HydroFlow HS40 is an alternative solution for water softener. It is an excellent option for small houses and those unsatisfied with the water softener. Not only this, another alternative of a water softener is the Aquasana EQ-WELL-UV-PRO-AST water filter system, as it is a great water purifier and removes sediments from the water.     

 If Number of Units Are Open at the Same Time

In the case of a large family, one member may be using the toilet, the other is taking a bath, and the remaining members are busy with different water-use activities. That causes low water pressure in such families, and no one can enjoy the full water pressure during their task. For these families, a proper solution is given below, which can sort out the problem quickly.    

Solution #2: Booster Pump

Booster Pump - Cause and Solutions of Low Water Pressure
The booster pump uses electricity and boosts the pressure of the water. Whenever the water faucets open, it automatically starts to supply water with a reasonable flow rate. It produces low noise and shows corrosion resistance, and the copper motor maintains the quality of its work. The significant advantage is that it is easy to operate and safe to use, and the booster pump comes with a warranty to ensure good performance. It efficiently enhances the worth of the home and makes the connections productive.   

Could Be a Leakage

Leakage is quite possible in the pipelines. Water leakage is not only possible in the water supply lines, but the faucets also can leak, and it causes low water pressure in other connections. Due to leakage, the water pressure gets lower because vast amounts of water are wasted. It is essential to fix the leakage problem at the proper time. For this purpose, a very cost-efficient solution is mentioned below.    

Solution #3: Use Teflon Tape

Use Teflon tape - Cause and Solutions of Low Water Pressure
Please ensure the presence of the Teflon tape in the home because it can be beneficial in an emergency. The usual add box must contain the Teflon tape because it allows fixing minor leakage and issues yourself. In case of a significant problem or burst issue, you must consult the nearby plumber immediately.   


Low water pressure can ruin the moments and give a headache. It is essential to solve these problems but first it is necessary to find out the exact cause of the low water pressure because it leads to saving money. In this article, different causes with proper solutions, for example, limescale build-up, which makes the hard water and restricts the proper water flow, and different softeners are present for hard water. 

But another issue is that some people cannot install the water softener due to space issues, so alternative solutions are also present. Other causes are if many units or connections are open simultaneously or the leakage. There is not any problem present without a solution. 

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