Where to Hang Wet Towels in Small Bathroom

December 19, 2022
Where to Hang Wet Towels in Small Bathroom

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Bathroom arrangements are simple and easy to manage. After the installation of main fixtures like the toilet, vanity and other things, the second priority is the organization of the bathroom. Different ways are present, which separate the bathroom from the others, like where to hang the wet towels, especially in the small bathrooms. These key things matter a lot and reduce the ordinary look of the bathroom and make it extraordinary.  

Nine ideas are mentioned below to hang the wet towels in the small bathroom.

Hanging Wet Towels in Small Bathroom Ideas

1. Use Wall Mounted Towel Warmer

Use Wall Mounted Towel Warmer - Hanging Wet Towels in Small Bathroom Ideas

Suppose you live in a cold city and want to provide heat to the body, so one of the best things is a wall-mounted towel warmer. It is a space-saving solution for small bathrooms because it can be placed on the wall. This towel warmer has a timer system, and three modes are available. The on/off switch makes everything easy in the bathroom and has 10 bars. It is a certified product and safe to use in the bathroom due to the secure plug system. It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to warm the towel, and it is very lightweight and comes with every installation part.   

2. Towel Hooks

Towel Hooks - Hanging Wet Towels in Small Bathroom Ideas

For the organizing bathroom and to make it free from the main things, towel hooks are preferable. These towel hooks for bathrooms are made with steel and perform heavy duty. These are available in a pack of four in black color. Matte black color hook suits every kind of paint or wall of the bathroom. Towel hooks are not specific for towels only; they can be utilized for clothes and can be installed inside the bathroom wardrobe. Only four installation steps are involved, and it takes only a few minutes. Don’t forget to implement this idea during the bathroom renovation.   

3. Towel Ring

Towel Ring - Hanging Wet Towels in Small Bathroom Ideas

The towel hook idea for hanging the wet towel in a small bathroom sounds traditional and old to some people. In this way, here comes another unique idea, and that is the replacement of the towel ring. These towel rings can be placed anywhere in the bathroom, and the Moen brand offers chrome towel rings with 6.25 inches diameter made with zinc material. The chrome color shines like a mirror, and the ring size is large enough to hold the towel easily. It comes with complete guidance and installation procedure to make the process smooth.   

4. Stand Pedestal Sink

Stand Pedestal Sink - Hanging Wet Towels in Small Bathroom Ideas

You may know the bathroom's pedestal sink, but you need to know the stand. Currently, pedestal sinks are available with a stand, which is the best option for hanging the wet towel. It is a rapid and cost-efficient method; quickly hang the towel on the stand pedestal sink if someone washes their face or hands. White and black pedestal sink with a stand is present at Swiss Madison brand in a good size and made with porcelain material. This well-finished stand is not only productive but also enhances the appearance of the bathroom.   

5. Towel Railing

Towel Railing - Hanging Wet Towels in Small Bathroom Ideas

Here is another idea present: a towel railing in the small bathroom. Towel railing helps to arrange the towels in the bathroom so towels can be used in an emergency. The towel railing or towel bar is wall mounted and can also be used as a cloth hanger. These are stainless and rust-proof, so moisture does not affect the durability of the towel railing. The towel railing or bar is available in different sizes; screws are involved in placing the towel railing. It is a multipurpose product.   

6. Towel Ladder

Towel Ladders - Hanging Wet Towels in Small Bathroom Ideas

Only creative people know about the importance of the towel ladder. The towel ladder is not specific for the towel and can be used for different tasks. Some are made with natural wood, and some are made with other materials. It is the best product to renovate the bathroom and place it in a small bathroom without needing installation. The MyGift gray-washed wood towel ladder is also a storage rack because of its shelf-like structure and moisture and water-resistant product. It is a well-finished and well-manufactured item.   

7. Towel Rack with Shelf

Towel Rack with Shelf - Where to Hang Wet Towels in Small Bathroom

Save money and save space. In the market, new ideas are present to hang wet towels in the bathroom. Shelves and towel racks are both necessary in the bathroom. A towel rack with a shelf is available; on it, different lamps, books, candles, and necessities can be placed on the shelf, and the towel can be hung on the rack. Engineered wood and metal both make it robust and more productive. It has five hooks that can be used to hang movable clothes. Not only clothes hooks can be used to hang many things. It is a well-performing product and also looks good.   

8. Customize Vanity for Hanging Towel

Customize Vanity for Hanging Towel - Where to Hang Wet Towels in Small Bathroom

Vanity does not only consist of one kind. Numerous vanities come in the list and come in different designs that meet the requirements. Customized vanity is unbeatable in this regard, and there is an option to hang the towel on the vanity excellently. The utilization of vanity is compulsory and also increases the attraction of visitors. Don’t forget to use the vanity to hang the wet towels without wasting a moment.   

9. Bucket Towel Warmer

Bucket Towel Warmer - Hanging Wet Towels in Small Bathroom Ideas

Technology always comes with something unique; this time, it happened the same. Here is the most modern method to use and give a try to the bucket towel warmer. Although it is not possible to hang the towel, there are possibilities to dry the wet towel and use the warm one for personal use. Isn’t it exciting? Yes, it is.   

It has an auto shut-off system and is very handy to use. It can warm even the bathrobes within a few minutes and make everyone speechless.   


Various ideas are mentioned, so hanging the towels in the bathroom is manageable. Some people prefer wall-mounted ideas, whereas some people prefer towel ladders. Now pedestal sink stands are also available to show that sink and towel use is directly proportional. After going through all the ideas, the most exciting and beneficial idea is wall mounted towel warmer because of its functioning and benefits; if someone wants to follow two ideas, that is possible too, like a towel ladder and towel railing.

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