Why Are 14” Rough In Toilets More Expensive?

December 22, 2022
Why Are 14” Rough In Toilets More Expensive

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Maybe you are aware of the 10 or 12” rough in toilets. 12” rough in toilets are standard and most commonly used. In the market, 14” rough in toilets are also available, which are very rare, and it takes time to find the best 14” rough in dimensions. Different categories are available in the 14” rough in toilets like different heights, which make these toilets more expensive according to the requirements. It gives a perfect gap between the wall and the toilet.   

What Does 14” Rough In Toilet Mean?

What Does 14” Rough In Toilet Mean

A toilet rough in measurements or dimensions are the key points. The rough in or the dimensions are the space or gap between the wall behind the toilet and the center or midpoint of the drain hole. Many toilets have 10 to 14 '' rough in. A toilet with improper rough-in is a waste of money.  In the case of the few toilets, 14” rough in is the best measurement because they cannot be installed close to the wall exactly.   

Why Should You Buy 14” Rough In Toilet? 

14” rough in toilets are not typical, and they consist of unique features and advanced technology used in manufacturing the 14” rough in toilets. The 14 inches rough in toilets have distinctive characteristics that 12” toilets do not have. 12” rough in toilets are available almost in every bathroom, but 14” rough in toilets are rare and offer a different experience.   

Where to Buy a 14 Inch Rough-In Toilet

It is possible to buy a 14-inch rough in toilet online and offline. In order to make a purchase, the brands matter a lot. Different brands are introducing good quality 14-inch rough in toilets, just like Kohler and American Standard are enlisted. In contrast, Toto is a well-known brand that makes an adaptor that can be installed in the toilet by the plumber.   

How 14” Rough in is Different from the 12” Rough in Toilets 

14” rough in toilets provide more rough in compared to the 12” rough in toilets. It is impossible to fix the 14” rough in toilets in every space because they are limited to the areas, but 12” rough in toilets are suitable for almost every bathroom. 14” rough in toilets are commonly large. The manufacturing is time-taking which increases the worth.   

Things to Look Before Buy 14” Rough in Toilet 

Things to Look Before Buy 14” Rough in Toilet

  • Consumption of the Water

    How can someone purchase a toilet before looking at water consumption? The high-water consumption will not affect the water bills, but it will also affect the ecosystem and the cycle of the environment. For this purpose, select those toilets which take fewer gallons of water at the time of the flush. Always go for a water-conserving 14” rough in toilet.   

  • Shape of the toilet 

    The shape of the toilet also matters a lot because it is directly linked to comfort. Two different forms are available for the 14” rough in toilets. Round and elongated. People prefer mostly elongated shaped toilets because these are comfortable to use, but round toilets are preferable for limited or tight spaces.   

  • Cost 

    It is a fact that 14” rough in toilets are expensive, but prices vary from one place to the other. Do not finalize on one toilet and pay a visit to different brands, materials, and shapes. Cost is not only the product price but also includes the installation and other essential accessories like floor preparation. First, make a plan, then make a purchase and install the best 14” rough in the toilet in the bathroom.

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