Why Bathtub Paint Peeling Is Dangerous?

November 23, 2022
Why Bathtub Paint Peeling Is Dangerous

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Bathtub peeling is such an unusual and unpleasant procedure. It can irritate and damage the beauty of the bathroom as well. If someone has a bathtub, that person may see the paint peeling the bathtub. It is possible because bathroom fixtures do not remain the same for many years. 

Why Does Bathtub Paint Peel Off? 

Why Bathtub Paint Peeling Is Dangerous Why does bathtub paint peel off
  • Reasons 

There are different reasons for bathtub paint peeling, not only specific reasons.   

  • Improper Paint 

If, after some time from the purchase, the bathtub starts to peel off the paint, it is not professionally finished or painted. The improper surface preparation, paint, or finishing causes bubbles and peels the paint.   

  • Temperature of the Bathroom 

The weather condition in the bathroom can cause the peeling of the paint. For example, if the bathroom temperature is very high, it can cause the paint to peel.   

  • Wear and Tear 

Sometimes the bathtub gets old, so it naturally starts to peel. Bathtubs need refinishing and maintenance over time which helps to prevent wear and tear.   

Why Bathtub Paint Peeling is Dangerous? 

Once peeling starts, try to avoid taking a bath or going into the bathroom because it can lead to a severe issue and even can cause death. Bathtub paint contains chemicals like methylene chloride, various acids, and isocyanate.

According to one of the well-known Centers for Disease Control, these chemicals could cause allergic reactions, skin problems, and breathing issues. Methylene chloride can harm the lungs, eyes, heart, and skin.   

It is reported that almost 14 people have died since 2000 because of stripping agents which contain methylene chloride. These are part of bathtub refinishing, which is a very alarming situation. Hire a professional or expert to refinish the bathtub; don’t do it yourself in any case. It can mix with water, and children can come in contact with it.   


Why Bathtub Paint Peeling Is Dangerous solutions for bathtub paint peeling
  • Replacement of the Bathtub 

If the bathtub paint peeling starts and it is uncontrollable, the best option is the replacement of the bathtub. It is far better than investing money in an old bathtub. Always look forward to the well-finished and painted bathtub for the home.   

  • Ask for Paint and Refinishing with the Experts 

It is a hundred times better to get a professional job than to waste time in the paint peeling by yourself. Experts perform better with high-quality work.   

  • DIY Touch Up Kit for Peeling 

It is not expensive and is such a valuable thing for peeling. This kit is preferable for the small peeling area, not complete bathtub paint peeling. This kit saves from upcoming peeling. 

  • Protection 

Some protection points are given, which must be noticed or followed during the paint peeling off the bathtub.   

  • Ventilation 

When bathtub paint starts to peel, so must open the bathroom's windows, doors, and ventilators. Ventilation helps a lot to save a life in case of an emergency. Turn on the exhaust fan which throws out the smell of hazardous chemicals.   

  • Glove and Mask 

Use gloves and masks while contact with the bathtub during the paint peeling. The paint of the bathtub can harm the skin, and chemicals can go inside through inhaling. So people must wear gloves and masks and discard them after leaving the bathroom. 

  • Less Use of Methylene Chloride 

Avoid using methylene chloride, or in the case of methylene chloride, it is better to use a substitute for this chemical. It is a disease causing chemical, and make sure the presence of ventilation while using this chemical.    


Bathtubs are standard, and some important aspects are also involved in the bathtub. There is no time limit for the painting of the bathtub. In the case of the paint peeling, it can be dangerous due to some reasons. The primary reason is methylene chloride which is part of the paint. It can cause skin and allergy reactions and sometimes cause death in the case of excess amount. It is important to follow preventive measures during the bathtub paint peeling. There are numerous reasons for paint peeling, like improper finishing, old age of the bathtub, left finished, damage of the bathtub, which doesn’t correctly treat during manufacturing, and many more.

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