Why Upgrade to a Touchless Kitchen Faucet

April 1, 2023
Why Upgrade to a Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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Upgrade your kitchen with the latest technology by installing a touchless kitchen faucet. With the ability to turn on and off with just a wave of your hand, touchless kitchen faucets offer numerous benefits, including convenience, hygiene, and style. In this guide, we'll explore the advantages of upgrading to a touchless kitchen faucet, how to choose the perfect model for your kitchen, and the step-by-step installation process. 


Keeping your kitchen clean and free from germs and bacteria is essential for the health and safety of your family. Touchless kitchen faucets help minimize the spread of germs by eliminating the necessity to touch the faucet handles with dirty hands. With touchless technology, you can easily wash your hands, rinse fruits and vegetables, and fill up pots and pans without the risk of cross-contamination. 


Cooking and cleaning in the kitchen can be a messy and time-consuming task. Touchless kitchen faucets make it easier to multitask by allowing you to turn the water on and off without the need for physical contact. With touchless technology, you can quickly and easily fill up a pot of water while stirring a pot on the stove, or rinse off a dish while holding a baby in your arms. 

Style and Design  

Touchless kitchen faucets are present in a variety of styles, designs, and finishes to match any kitchen décor. Whether you go for a modern and sleek look or a more traditional style, there is a touchless kitchen faucet that will fit your needs. Some popular finishes include chrome, stainless steel, and matte black. 


Installing a touchless kitchen faucet is like that of a traditional faucet, with a few additional steps. Here is a step-by-step guide to installing your touchless kitchen faucet: 

  • Turn off the water supply and remove the old faucet. 

  • Install the mounting plate and battery box. 

  • Connect the water supply lines and faucet hoses. 

  • Install the touch 

  • Install the touchless faucet control box and attach the sensor. 

  • Insert the batteries into the control box and test the faucet. 

  • Secure the faucet to the mounting plate and connect the spray hose (if applicable). 

  • Turn on the water supply and try the faucet again. 


Regular maintenance is important to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your touchless kitchen faucet. Here are some important points to keep in mind: 

  • Clean the sensor regularly with a soft, damp cloth. 

  • Use a soap and water to clean the faucet and avoid using abrasive cleaners. 

  • Check the batteries daily and replace them as needed. 

  • If you experience any issues with your touchless kitchen faucet, refer to the manufacturer's instructions for troubleshooting. 


Upgrading to a touchless kitchen faucet is a smart investment for any homeowner looking to improve the functionality and hygiene of their kitchen. With the ability to turn them on and off without the need for physical contact, touchless kitchen faucets offer convenience, style, and cleanliness. By following our guide, you can choose the perfect touchless kitchen faucet for your needs and install it with ease. 

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