Zurn Z6915-XL Aquasense Touchless Bathroom Faucet Review

February 16, 2021
Zurn Z6915-XL Aquasense Touchless Bathroom Faucet Review

Written by: Deane Biermeier / Facts Checked by; Ryan Cullenward / Products Tested by Licensed Interior Designers

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This one is the Zurn Z6915-XL battery-powered touchless bathroom faucet and it has also been Amazon’s choice for quite some time. You might wonder where that why we have mentioned here specifically about the battery powered as many customers think that the touchless bathroom faucets are all battery powered. However, that is certainly not the case as there have been some other power sources used to operate the sensor in such touchless bathroom faucets, (you could find the details about this in our other article).

Zurn Z6915-XL Aquasense A Battery Powered Lavatory Faucet
  • Flow Rate 1.5 gpm
  • Spout module Chrome Plated Cast Brass
  • Heavy-duty cast brass body 
  • 3-year warranty


Zurn has been among the few brands that are making their space in the touchless bathroom faucets’ market and customers are responding to them quite well. First of all, talk about its design as it has got the perfectly elegant design of a modern bathroom faucet and Zurn has made sure that you do not miss out on the style in this faucet along with the structure and other features.

As far as the price is concerned, you might be paying a bit more than some other touchless bathroom faucet but it should be viewed with the fact that the overall quality of this model can outshine any top model by any top brand. There you have then justified the money you pour in.

As a customer and rather a learned customer, you must know a thing or two about what sort of a sensor you will be using in your future touchless faucet. Here, Zurn has implanted the occupant detection infrared convergence-type sensor which of course works based on proximity sensor protocols. The response time of the sensor while turning on and off the faucet is quite worth mentioning and you would even feel the substantial difference if you have used any kind of touchless faucet before trying this one.

So, no worries at all about the sensor. As we mentioned in the opening paragraph that this faucet is battery powered and as you buy this model so the first set of 4 AA batteries are included in the package.

Flow rate is directly related to the efficiency of the faucet as if it fails to clean off the surface then what use of it? Here, you are going to get a flow rate of around 1.5 gallon per minute vandal-resistant aerator. The purpose of this faucet is not to give you a highly responsive operation but also to save water in this whole process. That is why there is a 30 second time out feature is placed in this faucet as it will turn off after this much time automatically.

Now, discuss the material through which this faucet has been manufactured. It has a brass made structure with a chrome finish and this combination of brass and chrome is an excellent one as it gives you the guarantee of a longer span of life. For the handle, brass has been used again.


This is by and large the perfect scenario for any touchless bathroom faucet and Zurn has ensured this at quite a reasonable price.

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